But this time, the MoMA was also able to record the presence of my visit, for everyone to see.


My visit back to MoMA was a bit like my first one. The art was amazing. But that was expected and almost anti-climactic. It became all about the space and the people wandering around in this space.  

Even the Guggenheim, with its spiral heart, didn't excite me the way the MoMA does. But funny enough, I always start on the top floor of both when I go.

This appeared on the wall beside the station where I filled out my "I went to MoMA and…" slip. The museum even provided the pencils. Once I was done, I scanned the slip into their "system."
Filling out slip "I went to MoMA and …" numbered 7nZ5. Notice the stack of pencils (swag?) YMC took the photo.
Here I am scanning my slip for posterity (and archiving). YMC took the photo.
An image of several of these slips was projected onto the wall. The image changed regularly. I waited to see if my slip would appear amongst them. The wait was too long. I left.